Comment #11 on issue 122 by briford.wylie: Two test failures on Windows

There appears to be multiple issues here, but I wanted to follow up on Comment 5 by evadeflow, Aug 28, 2009. In general I've spent some time with both protobuf-2.2.0a and protobuf-2.3.0. Neither seem to actually have a working --proto_path. I've tried every variant of \ and / and absolute and relative, no matter what it literally never finds the proto file. I've resorted to a cross platform change directory followed by running protoc in the directory where the proto file lives. Here's my command line, I
will be quite happy if someone points out 'pilot error'. :)

--proto_path=C:/Work/vtkSNL/Applications/StreamView mpserial.proto
mpserial.proto: No such file or directory

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