Hello Kenton,

currently I have the following problem: I have a very big file with
many small messages serialized with Protobuf. Each message contains
its owner separator and thus can be found even in an unsynchronized
stream. I move through this file using lseek64, because
FileInputStream::Skip only works into forwarding direction and
FileInputStream::BackUp can move back only up to the current buffer
boundary. Since I am the owner of the file descriptor, also used by
FileInputStream, I can randomly seek to any position in the file.
However after seek'ing, my FileInputStream is obviously in an unusable
state and has to be reset. Currently the only feasible solution is to
replace the current FileInputStream object by a new one - which,
somehow is quite inefficient!

Wouldn't it make sense to add a member function which resets a
FileInputStream to the state of a natively opened and repositioned
file descriptor? Or is there any other solution to randomly access the
raw content of the file, say by wrapping seek?

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