I am pleased to announce that I have updated the Haskell language
version of the protocol buffers library and .proto compilation tool to
version 1.6.0.

The new versions are on hackage in three pieces:


This version is now caught up with the official protobuf-2.3.0 release.
 The highlights of the changes are (cribbing from Kenton's announcement):

>   General
>   * Parsers for repeated numeric fields now always accept both packed and
>     unpacked input.  The [packed=true] option only affects serializers.
>     Therefore, it is possible to switch a field to packed format without
>     breaking backwards-compatibility -- as long as all parties are using
>     protobuf 2.3.0 or above, at least.


>   * inf, -inf, and nan can now be used as default values for float and double
>     fields.

have been added to 1.6.0.

I did not add support for plugin code generators or for writing directly
to a compressed zip or jar file.  No service related code is ever
generated so the "option *_generic_services" changes were ignored.

  Chris Kuklewicz

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