I'm one of the Debian maintainers for protobuf and 2.3.0 fails during
unittests on the armel architecture (only on it). This might be a host
issue or a CFLAGS issue (we had something like this for sh4, where
'-mieee' is needed, for example).

In any case, here are the failues we see in the logs:

[ RUN      ] CustomOptions.OptionLocations
google/protobuf/descriptor_unittest.cc:1979: Failure
Value of: service->options().GetExtension(protobuf_unittest::service_opt1)
  Actual: -8589934594
Expected: -9876543210LL
Which is: -9876543210
[  FAILED  ] CustomOptions.OptionLocations (4 ms)
[ RUN      ] CustomOptions.OptionTypes
google/protobuf/descriptor_unittest.cc:1999: Failure
Value of: options->GetExtension(protobuf_unittest::sint64_opt)
  Actual: -9223372035781033984
Expected: kint64min
Which is: -9223372036854775808
google/protobuf/descriptor_unittest.cc:2013: Failure
Value of: options->GetExtension(protobuf_unittest::sint64_opt)
  Actual: 9223372035781033983
Expected: kint64max
Which is: 9223372036854775807
[  FAILED  ] CustomOptions.OptionTypes (2 ms)

[ RUN      ] ExtensionSetTest.Parsing
google/protobuf/test_util.cc:1127: Failure
Value of: message.GetExtension(unittest::optional_sint64_extension )
  Actual: 0
Expected: 106
google/protobuf/test_util.cc:1184: Failure
Value of: message.GetExtension(unittest::repeated_sint64_extension , 0)
  Actual: 0
Expected: 206
google/protobuf/test_util.cc:1212: Failure
Value of: message.GetExtension(unittest::repeated_sint64_extension , 1)
  Actual: 0
Expected: 306
google/protobuf/test_util.cc:1265: Failure
Value of: message.GetExtension(unittest::default_sint64_extension )
  Actual: 0
Expected: 406
[  FAILED  ] ExtensionSetTest.Parsing (4 ms)

There are also some other tests failing, but this is probably because
some dependencies are missing:

libprotobuf FATAL google/protobuf/test_util_lite.cc:950] CHECK failed: (106) == 
/bin/bash: line 4: 26978 Aborted                 ${dir}$tst
FAIL: protobuf-lite-test

Can you confirm that we need 'unzip' and 'jar' to be available during
unittests? Or why does protobuf-lite-test 'FAIL' hard (instead of
exiting with no error if these are just optional deps?)

In any case, the full build log is at
if you're interested.

Thanks in advance,

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