Hello out there!

I have successfuly compiled protocol buffers under Mac OS X snow
leopard. Unfortunately, it gets built as a x86_64 library. I checked
the makefile which claimed it would build for the target architecture
i386. (At least it seemed like this for me.)
If I check the library I get the following results:

> file /usr/local/lib/libprotobuf.dylib
/usr/local/lib/libprotobuf.dylib: Mach-O 64-bit dynamically linked
shared library x86_64

But it should read like it does in one of my Qt builds:
> file libQtGui_debug.dylib
libQtGui_debug.dylib: Mach-O dynamically linked shared library i386

If I take a look into the makefile (after running configure) I cannot
find any clues it just says things like:

build_triplet = i386-apple-darwin10.2.0
build_cpu = i386
build_os = darwin10.2.0

Does somebody have any clues or directions how to build a 32 bit
library such as configure or compiler flags?


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