Hi all!

I am currently playing around with protocol buffers and now was
looking closer at the rpc code that can be  generated by it.

But I am a bit confused. I did not find a way how to create rpc
messages that do not define a reply.
is there a way to create one-way rpc calls in protocol buffers?

An example what i would like would be that:
service myService
        rpc Echo (EchoParam) returns (EchoReply) ;
        rpc OneWayWithoutResponse(ParamsToSend);

the only workaround that i can think of would be creating a "Void"
message that is declared as the answer and the rpc implementation to
then "ignore" those.

like this:

message Void

service myService
rpc OneWayWithoutResponse(FirmwareEvent) returns (Void);

is there a way how i can avoid this workaround?

cheers phelyks

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