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> Probably unrelated, but if you have binary file content you might
> consider using the type 'bytes' instead of 'string'.

I considered this but I really need an array of bytes, I'm not sure
how this would work with the byte type

> This is not really enough information to know what is going on. How do
> you transfer the data ? Do you have authentication in place that maybe
> fails so that you don't get the data to deserialize ? How does the
> receiving side know the length of the data it receives (did you check
> that it actually gets the number of bytes you expected to be sent) ?
> How do you know that sending it from the android app succeeds ?

I have authentication by using command line parameters, I know it
works as I have a parent class AbstractServlet which validates
requests before calling the requested servlet. The requested servlet
runs, so the validation is correct. I'm running eclipse and in debug
mode I can check the PB variable, this shows the fields are set
correctly. I assume the sending from the app succeeds as the servlet
runs on request.

I don't know how to check the number of bytes sent or received, would
you mind explaining?

Thanks for the suggestions.

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