I am trying to use extensions in protcol buf(version 2.3.0) using
visual studio 2008 c++.
Here is my .proto file:

message DataMsg {
        optional int32 msgtype=99;
        extensions 100 to max;
message FilterData {
        extend DataMsg {
                optional string filter_columns = 100;
                repeated string filter_setcolumn = 101;
                repeated string filter_operator = 102;
                repeated string filter_value = 103;
                repeated int32 filter_action = 104;

and here is how I use it: It crashes on SetExtension:

        DataMsg fltData;

        string str("TEST");
        fltData.SetExtension(FilterData::filter_columns,str);//this crashes

this also crashes::

The error I get is: Index-out-of-bound (Field is empty).

Any help or suggestion with what I am doing wrong??

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