I've been experimenting with protocol buffers on appengine, using
2.3.0. I am trying to basically find the fastest way to serialize a
dictionary, and would like to see if protobuf can improve on
performance I'm seeing with other methods (pickle - ick, simplejson -
better, repr - best so far).

I did a search around on the group and saw this thread from 2008:

The last post included what appeared to be suggested code for
implementing a python dictionary style data structure with protobuf:

 message Foo {
    optional string name = 1;
    optional int32 some_field = 2;
  message Bar {
    repeated Foo foo = 1 [experimental_map_key = "name"];

I tried this out in the hopes it might just work as is, but perhaps
predictably enough I run into problems - if I try to use string keys,
it complains (at runtime) that "list indices must be integers". I kind
of need my keys to be strings (otherwise I wouldn't really need a
dict...), but out of curiousity I switched to integers and tried
again, this time getting the error "list index out of range". It
throws this for any integer index I use.

I guess there might have been a hint in 'experimental' ... :) But is
there anything more I should try before giving up on this? Is there an
alternative way to approach this? My requirements are that a message
'instance' needs to accommodate an unknown number of key-value pairs
with unknown keys...maybe there's another way to do this?

Thanks for any help, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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