I'm trying to throw together an alternative RPC mechanism using a
protoc plugin/CodeGenerator (rather than use the deprecated headers).

I've hacked a new plugin together by liberally grabbing from the
current compiler/cpp generator sources. It works to output code that
looks good to my eyes however because I (deliberately) want to use the
Message subclasses etc. that are output from CppGenerator I get a
clash between the Service subclass definition output by my plugin and
the one output by CppGenerator.

Other than removing the 'HasServices' call and the ServiceGenerator
subclass from the current compiler/cpp sources is there any other way
I can disable the CppGenerator output of my Service instance ? A
namespace doesn't really help since that's just driven from the
package clause in the .proto source

Ideally what I'll have at the end of this is a protoc plugin that
basically does the same as the current CppGenerator for Services
(only) and could be used today by anyone who's already subclassed
Service, RpcController & RpcChannel, and can be used by others as a
basis to writing their own generator for services.

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