I've generated all my protos with -p:detectMissing flag which works

However, all the optional strings get generated as
public string mystring {
        get { return _myString ?? ""; }

As a result, empty strings are being transmitted over the wire.  This
requires me to manually edit the getters to "return _myString;".

Is there a way to fix this behavior?

Also, if I have enums with no default 0 enum defined for an optional
enum,  I get an exception "The default enum value ... is not defined
for the optional property..."

Shouldn't the serializer code check to see whether the enum has to be
serialized before throwing this exception?  Setting DefaultValue[null]
doesn't work. The only work around I've found is to add an UNKNOWN
enum = 0 to all enums which is pretty tedious.

Is there a work around for this enum problem?


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