I've started a small project at
https://code.google.com/p/protobuf-jerpc/which contains an
implementation of a protoc plugin that outputs essentially
the same classes etc that the current generic services mechanism outputs
(but in a different namespace).

Also in the project is a very simple C++ implementation of an RPC server
which can receive requests via a socket connection using protocol buffers.

It works OK for me 8-) But I'm sure there's more that could be done :

* Use a more customized set of base classes instead of RpcController,
RpcChannel etc.
* Project files etc. to build the plugin for Windows
* Better server implementation (threads ?)

If nothing else hopefully this can serve as some sort of example on how to
write your own protoc plugin for service generation etc.


Andrew 8-)

P.S. Thanks to Kenton and Jason over the past few days to get things this

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