Hello Ernest,
this code is part of a private project in progress and it works well
in that context. Unfortunately the Google guys had no use case for it,
therefore they did not want to incorporate it into their code base;
maybe they just suffer the not-invented-here-syndrome. When my project
is ready to be published, I will add that code there. If I can get
write access to a PB-related Google-repository, I will use that. The
reason I did not publish anything yet, was, that I did not want to
start a Google project just to publish two files.
Regards, Jacob

2010/3/23 Ernest Lee <hellfir...@gmail.com>:
> Hello Jacob Rief,
> I have noticed you haven't publicly said anythng about your lzma protobuff
> storage. Is it dead? Can you post it on your google code project? What has
> happened to it?
> Thanks.

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