In my code, I have a PB message which encompass other PB messages.
For instance,

Protocol Buffer File
message A {
  required int32 a = 1;

message B {
  required int32 b = 1;

message C {
  required A a = 1;
  required B b = 2;

C++ File
#include "PB File.pb.h"

using namespace <whatever>

int main ()
  C c;
  char buff[MAX_SIZE]
  int len = c.SerializeToArray(buff, MAX_SIZE);
  write(fd, buff, len);

As part of the logic, I need to write into separate files the
serialized equivalent of c.a and c.b.  Of course you can always call
c.a().SerializeToArray() but that requires additional CPU time which I
would like to avoid.  Is there a non-hackish way of getting the offset
of c.a in the serialized buffer?  Can I use the offset and
c.a().ByteSize() to write the message into the file descriptor?


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