Hi all,

I've recently been asked to put together a release of the protobuf-
csharp-port project. The binaries and source for this version (0.9)
can now be downloaded from the download page:

It's "0.9" because I suspect I'll want to tune the release process -
the code should be fine, although obviously there's more I want to do
to it. (It's a while since I've checked everything that's been
happening in the Java world, for example... and I definitely want to
get protogen working as a protoc plugin at some point.)

In other news, I've been considering moving from the somewhat awkward
"github + svn" source control I've currently got to *just* Mercurial
hosted on Google Code. Same distributed source control goodness, but
all in the same place as the rest of the project. Any thoughts?


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