in writing portable makefiles, one often uses inference rules of the

.s1.s2 :

where .s1 and .s2 are suffixes that have been given as prerequisites
of the .SUFFIXES special target and s1 and s2 do not contain any
slashes or periods.  When trying to write a rule for protobuf. like
this; ;
        protoc ....

the '.pb' violates the rule.  Note, using  '' doesn't work,
as the rule's stem then does not match, and the .cc file is seen by
make as always out of date.

 It would be nice to be able to suppress the '.pb' using a generator
option, like;

   protoc --cpp_out=nopb=true:. a.proto

I implemented this, and have a patch file for the change, but don't
immediately see how to attach it here.

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