Comment #4 on issue 183 by t.broyer: --java_out=output_list_file= parameter fails when compiling multiple proto files

In the event you'd like to fix this anyway, it might be as easy as adding a new
method to CodeGenerator:
    virtual bool Generate(const vector<const FileDescriptor*>& parsed_files,
                          const string& parameter,
                          OutputDirectory* output_directory,
                          string* error);
to encapsulate the loop that's found in both CommandLineInterface::GenerateOutput and PluginMain (the latter function would need some refactoring to actually build the
vector<const FileDescriptor*> out of the DescriptorPool and
CodeGeneratorRequest::file_to_generate) and that could be overridden (or you could make it non-virtual and provide start/end protected virtual methods as hooks called before and after the loop respectively). The current per-FileDescriptor method would
likely become protected too.

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