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New issue 184 by h.a.syed: C++ Strange Memory Warning Under Visual Studio 2008 SP1 on Windows 7

What steps will reproduce the problem?

1. Compile a protobuf object in an application under a visual studio debug
2. Call "SerializeAsString()" on a protobuf class.
3. This may cause a memory leak warning in "AppendPartialToString" after
"string_as_array" function has returned.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Visual studio crashed with a buffer under-run message. The stack frame
which was fine before the call is now filled with garbage. Strangely
though, the problem dissapears when a "Release" build is tried.

My code is part of a portable project, so I tried debug and normal builds
under Linux. I also ran valgrind on the binary and no leaks were reported.
I am assuming this has something to do with a combination of the debug STL
library provided by microsoft and the suspicious looking callto "stl_util-
inl.h:85". The code is accessing the underlying string buffer via the
following snippet "return s5tr->empty() ? NULL : &*str->begin();".

I hope you can reproduce the issue. I am hoping the Release build is indeed
free of errors.

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