I want to implement protobuf in symbian for which I have followed the
following steps but I am getting undefined symbol errors which might
be due to some lib missing but I am not able t o find out the
solution . Need guidance on it


1.Put the proto.exe and  the .protoc file in the same folder.
2. Then from the command prompt I run the proto.exe for that .protoc
file and two files were generated

(a) .h file
(b) .cc file

Now I want to use it in my symbian . Well when i included those files
directly in my carbide ide, i got undefined symbol errors. Errors like

1.Undefined symbol:class google::protobuf::DescriptorPool const *

The google->protobuf folder and its relevant files I have included in
the symbian library.

But even though these errors

Can anyone throw some light in it


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