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New issue 198 by Unnecessarily inefficient calculation of utf-8 encoded lengt

Version: 2.3.0


  public static int computeStringSizeNoTag(final String value) {
    try {
      final byte[] bytes = value.getBytes("UTF-8");
      return computeRawVarint32Size(bytes.length) +

In order to compute the length of the corresponding utf-8 encoding, you don't have to encode the string and create an array. The following is enough:

  public static int utf8len(String str) {
      int len = str.length();
      int utf8len = len;
      for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) {
          int c = str.charAt(i) & 0xFFFF;
          if (c < 0x80) continue;

          int extra = 0;
          if (c < 0x800)
              extra = 1;
          else if (c < 0x010000)
              extra = 2;
              extra = 3;
          utf8len += extra;
      return utf8len;

In the most common case of the string being ascii, it amounts to a scan of the string.

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