Hi all,

I'm writing a C++ library function which reads protocol buffer objects
from an input stream and returns an abstract Message object to caller.
When descriptors are not known at compile-time, I use a
DescriptorPool::BuildFile() call to load them dynamically. I inspect
each loaded file to find messages which are valid top-level objects to
be parsed from my input stream (they are tagged with a custom option).

However, library client may want to use objects he knows at compile-
time (typically dynamic_cast'ing them, rather than getting
DynamicMessage instances), so I would like to inspect the
generated_pool itself to index valid descriptors it might contain.
This way, I could build objects based on descriptions from

I can't figure out how to browse a DesciptorPool (I would need a way
to iterate over the whole list of FileDescriptor objects). Looking at
sources, it seems it would not be so difficult to implement that, but
I probably miss something...

I wrote a small protoc plugin which inserts self-registration code in
each generated *.pb.cc file. This way, I can use the resulting file
list to get the descriptor using DescriptorPool::generated_pool()-
>FindFileByName() but it is totally redundant with generated pool's
built-in registration system.

What do you think would be the good solution to do that?



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