On Jun 18, 2010, at 17:06 , Kenton Varda wrote:
But I doubt there is really much overhead in constructing a new CodedInputStream on the stack for each message. No heap space is allocated in the process.

If I end up doing some performance intensive stuff with this code, I'll look into it at some point and report back. For now, what I'm doing is plenty fast enough. I was mostly just slightly surprised that I can't do what I do on the Java side.

What we really need is a MessageStream class which handles this kind of stuff at a higher level, but I haven't gotten around to writing such a thing.

Huh. Probably like most people on this list, I have bits and pieces of protocol buffer related "support" code lying around. One of the pieces is something that is like a "MessageStream." It may be a bit too specific for my application at the moment, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to putting some effort into including it in protobuf, or in a protobuf-utils type project.


Evan Jones

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