I am working a project where we need to determine if a protobuf list
have is null or not in the protocol buffer.

The problem is the generated c# automatically instantiates the list.

IE. Protocol:
message B {
  repeated A MyList = 0;

Generated C#:

private readonly global::System.Collections.Generic.List<A> _MyList =
new global::System.Collections.Generic.List<A>();
    [global::ProtoBuf.ProtoMember(0, Name=@"MyList", DataFormat =
    public global::System.Collections.Generic.List<A> MyList
      get { return _MyList ; }

The problem with this is I cannot determine if the list is null. I am
using an empty list as a way to remove all objects.

Is there a way where I can make the generator not automatically
instantiate the list? Better yet, how do I check for default values in
protocol buffer C#? I know you can check for

Thanks for the help!


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