I watched on both buffers: they are similar, but in C++ I can't find a
leading Variant32 with size, when in Java it exists. The rests of
buffers are identical.

On 10 июл, 19:33, Evan Jones <ev...@mit.edu> wrote:
> On Jul 10, 2010, at 7:47 , Maxim Leonovich wrote:
> > ArrayOutputStream(buffer,msg.ByteSize() + 4,sizeof(char));
> The documentation states:
> block_size is mainly useful for testing; in production you would  
> probably never want to set it.
> So you should get rid of the "sizeof(char)" part.
> >    cos->WriteLittleEndian32(msg.ByteSize()); //Tryed  
> > "WriteVariant32", didn't help
> >    msg.SerializeToCodedStream(cos);
> If you want to use Java's .parseDelimitedFrom, you *must* use  
> WriteVarint32, because that is the format it expects the length  
> prefix. In this case, you'll need to call ArrayOutputStream::  
> ByteCount() to figure out how many bytes were actually serialized.
> You also probably should create the ArrayOutputStream and  
> CodedOutputStream on the stack, rather than using new. This will be  
> slightly faster.
> That said, the only issue here that affects correctness is the  
> WriteVarint32 part. The rest shouldn't matter unless I missed  
> something. You should change your code to do that, then if you are  
> still having problems you should try dumping the contents of the  
> buffer on both the C++ and the Java side. Maybe the input/output is  
> getting messed up somewhere?
> Good luck,
> Evan
> --
> Evan Joneshttp://evanjones.ca/

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