On 22 juil, 13:41, Srivats P <pstav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> As per CHANGES.txt for "2009-05-13 version 2.1.0"
> <snip>
>   * For each field, the generated code contains an integer constant assigned
>     to the field number.  For example, the .proto file:
>       message Foo { optional int bar_baz = 123; }
>     would generate the following constants, all with the integer value 123:
>       C++:     Foo::kBarBazFieldNumber
>       Java:    Foo.BAR_BAZ_FIELD_NUMBER
>       Python:  Foo.BAR_BAZ_FIELD_NUMBER
>     Constants are also generated for extensions, with the same naming scheme.
>     These constants may be used as switch cases.
> </snip>
> All my .proto files use a global namespace via the "package MyProto" 
> directive.
> The constants for members of message Foo are in the MyProto::Foo
> namespace while extension members of Foo are in the MyProto::
> namespace (not MyProto::Foo). Is this intentional? If so, the above
> changelog snippet seems to indicate otherwise.

I believe this is intended:
extension fields are generate in the scope the "extend" is declared in
your .proto. If you declared the "extend Foo" at the top-level, then
the fields are generated at the package level.

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