On Aug 3, 2010, at 16:44 , Julian González wrote:
I used the approach you mentioned and it worked. I just have a problem I am writing 10,000 little messages in a file, first I write the size of the message and then the message as it follows:

res = sample.SerializeToCodedStream(codedOutput);

The problem is that when I try to read the 10,000 messages I just wrote I just can read 9984 messages, when I try to read the 9885 an error is thrown:

libprotobuf ERROR c:\active\protobuf-2.3.0\src\google\protobuf \message_lite.cc:1 23] Can't parse message of type "apm.Sample" because it is missing required fiel
ds: timestamp

what is happening? It looks like only 9886 messages were written into the file, why the last 16 messages were not written?

It shouldn't be happening. Since the sender checks that all required fields are present, this indicates that some mismatch is occurring between the serialization and deserialization code. Are you sure the data that is being sent is exactly the same as the data being received? Normally these errors occur because the data is being truncated or changed in transit somehow (eg. truncating at a null byte? truncating at some buffer limit?).

The other thing that could be happening is that you could be mis- parsing the earlier messages. To parse multiple messages from a stream, you need to limit the number of bytes read (eg. using CodedInputStream::PushLimit, or MessageLite:: ParseFromBoundedZeroCopyStream).

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Evan Jones

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