I put together a TextMate bundle that highlights protocol buffer
syntax and avoids highlighting invalid syntax. The source is here:


It uses TextMate's nested highlighting rules to emulate the actual
parsing of the proto descriptor language. For example, field
definitions highlight inside of extend or message definitions, but not
in an enum definition or at the top level. I'm sure there are
instances where things highlight in invalid places, but it's pretty
cool that it does as well as it does. It also has a few snippets for
quickly expanding declarations as well, and shift-enter shortcuts that
take advantage of what type of definition you're editing (shift-enter
at top-level makes a new Message, shift-enter in a message creates a
new field, shift-enter in a service creates a method, shift-enter in
an enum makes a constant and formats the constant's name).

There's a section for editors in the open-source trunk, but since
TextMate bundles aren't just one file, they're a bit more annoying to
install. If someone could advise as to the best way to submit the
bundle, I'd be glad to prepare it and submit the patch.

Barring that, could a link to this be provided on the Third Party
Addons link?

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