Write a Bat to run python script.
Use this command

protoc --plugin=protoc-gen-j2me=path/to/protoc-gen-j2me.bat --
j2me_out=output-path your.proto

On Aug 5, 9:26 pm, Ralf <ralf.kist...@gmail.com> wrote:
> For my J2ME port, I used the compiler plugin system introduced in
> protobuf 2.3.0. It really simplified my work - the entire code
> generator is only about 200 lines of Python code, and another 160
> lines for the template 
> (seehttp://github.com/ponderingpanda/protobuf-j2me/tree/master/generator/).
> To be able to use the script to generate code, it must have the name
> "protoc-gen-xxx". To do this on Linux is simple - I can either make my
> Python script executable and place it in the system path, or I can
> create a shell script that simply runs the Python script, for example:
> #!/bin/sh
> cd path/to/script
> python thescript.py
> However, I have no idea how to do the same in Windows. I couldn't get
> it to work using batch files - I think it breaks the standard input/
> output.
> Do you have any suggestions on how to run a Python script in Windows
> with protoc?
> Ralf

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