Hi I am impkementing protobuffers in my Symbian application and during
parsing I am sending a file to the proto parser but when I am
collecting my attributes its giving garbage values along with the real
data. I  dont know what may be the problem. Here are the functions
which I used

com::sidebar::protobuf::Executions* ie2;
std::ifstream myfile;

myfile.open ("C:\\data\\file", std::ios::in);


if (execution.has_title())

const ::std::string &titlevalue = execution.title();

TPtrC8 ptr1(reinterpret_cast<const TUint8*> (&titlevalue));


I have attributes like content_type, title, artist,singer... but when
i am collecting these informations after parsing I am getting garbage
values when i debugged the code i checked the memory locations.I dont
know why is these happening.

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