On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 3:05 AM, jmansion <jman11...@gmail.com> wrote:

> That seems to me a gross over-generalisation.  It will create a
> seperate heap for each C runtime that's loaded as a DLL or linked
> statically into a DLL, but what you are saying here is wrong.

The ability for a single process to contain multiple copies of the C runtime
is quite unique to windows.  But you're right, the wording is not quite
correct there.  Honestly, I don't fully understand how Windows does things
and am mostly going on what other people tell me.

> Also:
> > binary compatibility between different versions of MSVC's STL library
> And other compilers don't have similar issues?

No, no other compiler I know of has this problem.

>  You don't have to look
> far through gcc release notes to find ABI breakage warnings.  Its just
> a fact of life with C++.

That's between two separate releases of GCC.  The incompatibility in MSVC is
between the debug and release builds using the *same compiler version*.  We
get lots and lots of questions about this, where people cannot figure out
why their code is crashing, and it turns out they are compiling a debug
version of their code against the release version of protocol buffers.  If
you know a way to solve this -- other than removing all use of STL from the
library's interface, as the MSVC docs advise -- I'd love to hear it.

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