I'm pleased to announce the arrival of protocol buffers to Lua!

The project lives at http://github.com/indygreg/lua-protobuf . Documentation 
can be found on the wiki there.

The plugin generates C++ code that interfaces with both the C++ code generated 
by protoc and the "official" Lua C API. So, support is limited to Lua 
implementations that conform to that API (official distribution on lua.org, 
LuaJIT, possibly others).

There are a number of features still absent and some known bugs and issues (see 
the wiki). But, it is generally usable and has many of the features you'd 
expect, so releasing I am. In the days ahead, I hope to spend time on a test 
suite as well as exposing more of the C++ API to Lua.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions (especially on how to deal with the 
lua_Number conversion problem) are very welcome.

Gregory Szorc

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