I am using the google protocol buffer reflection api to try to
dynamically create a gui for users to fill in Messages manually. I had
done this completely using Java reflection alone, but this eventually
led to problems synchronizing the data, and was all around more work
than google's reflection api should be.

I have implemented as follows: I pass a Descriptor into the main
JPanel building function. From here, it iterates over the fields, and
if it is integral, it makes a JTextField, and if it is a Message, it
calls the same function again. What I can not find out is the type
that the fielddescriptor as I am iterating over the fields from the
descriptor. It appears that one "should" be able to figure this out in
several ways, but none work for me.

First I thought it must be soemthing in JavaType, but that appears to
only be what google protocol buffers converted the .proto into. Next I
thought I could get the full package name and me a newInstance of it,
but when calling fullName, it only returns the class name and no
package name. Next, I tried getting the file and querying it's package
name, but it returns "".

Like I said above, I implemented all of this in pure java reflection,
and the .proto generates the .class files correctly with fully
qualified names, but the google protocol buffer reflection api (using
descriptors and field descriptors) does not give me enough
information. Anyone have any ideas as to why it's not giving me what I

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