Have you tried putting the import path in quotes?

import "foo.proto"

Second ... The import function needs a path, not the dot notation.

import "com/foo/bar/some.proto" might work?

On Sep 9, 9:26 am, jebrick <jebr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to import 2 files to my proto for compiling.
> The package for all of the files are the same.  They are all in the
> same place (src/com/foo/bar)
> When  I write the import statement, is it import
> com.foo.bar.some.proto?
> My compile command looks like this:
> protoc proto_path=src --java_out=java src/com/foo/bar/some.proto
> The errors are simple, it can not find any of the imports and thus can
> not find any thing that references the other files.
> What is the correct set up for doing the imports?

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