Hi everyone,

I wrote my own 'ZeroCopyInputStream' class and did some tests :

I serialize two protocol buffer messages in a file and then I read
them (usually it's not a file, it's a special device but for the tests
it is).

Here is my proto file :
   message Hash {
      optional bytes hash = 1; // Always 20 bytes.

The first hash is "2C 58 3D 41 4E 4A 9E B9 56 22 82 09 B3 67 E4 8F 59
07 8A 4B"
My second one is "5C 9C 37 41 BD ED 23 1F 84 B8 A8 20 0E AF 3E 30 A9
C0 A9 51"

The serialization process is correct and my file look-like :
0a 14 2c 58 3d 41 4e 4a 9e b9 56 22 82 09 b3 67 e4 8f 59 07 8a 4b 0a
14 5c 9c 37 41 bd ed 23 1f 84 b8 a8 20 0e af 3e 30 a9 c0 a9

Then, I try to read back my first hash with 'ParseFromZeroCopyStream'.
'Next(const void** data, int* size)' from my own class will be called
and a buffer to the data will be returned with a size of 44 (the
entire file), everything fine until now.
The issue is the hash returned is not the first but the last :  "5C 9C
37 41 BD ED 23 1F 84 B8 A8 20 0E AF 3E 30 A9 C0 A9 51" and there is no
call at all to 'BackUp(int count)'!

Is this behavior is normal ? Do I have to use
'ParseFromBoundedZeroCopyStream' instead ?

The documentation[1] says "If successful, the entire input will be
consumed." but with no more details, why ?

[1] :


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