I've developed a C++ RPC server using protobufs as the IDL. It works
great. Thanks for protobufs!

When a client connects to the RPC server, a seperate thread in the
server handles the connection and blocks, waiting for data from the

My message parsing function for the connection object starts like

        FileInputStream raw_input(fd);      //fd is the socket file
        CodedInputStream input(&raw_input);

        uint32 tag = input.ReadTag();

This is all fine and dandy except when I want to shutdown the server
or connection (not client initiated). The ReadTag (as well as the
other Read functions) blocks until data is received but I want it to
timeout after a specified amount of time. So in essence a polling read
instead of a blocking one. This will allow me to check that the
connection is still valid and either re-enter my message parsing
function or cleanup and exit.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

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