So I have a message in one file, and in another file, I have a message
with extends.  For example:


message baseMessage {
  required int32 test = 1;
  extensions 1000 to max;

extend baseMessage {
  required int32 test2 = 1000;

My client then does something along the lines of:
builder.setExtenssion (File2.test2, 12345);

When my server gets the call that uses this message, I see the data
being displayed correctly for both test1 and test2 in my log file
including the extension number of 1000.  However, I cannot get the
value of test2 and:
request.hasExtension(File2.test2) == FALSE

For some reason, protobuf doesn't seem to think that the extensions
are there though I can see them coming through.

Thanks in advance.

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