The others answered your main question, but there is another problem:

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 6:45 PM, Paul <> wrote:

> char* str_buf;
> str_buf = new char[meas_rec.ByteSize()];
> string str = str_buf;

Here you are allocating a char array, and then *copying* it into a
std::string.  This does nothing useful, and it may actually crash depending
on the random contents of the allocated array.

These three lines should be replaced with just:

  string str;

You do not have to resize the string ahead of time, as this is done
automatically by SerializeToString().

> meas_rec.SerializeToString(&str);
> m.set_meas_rec_str(str);

Incidentally, another, more efficient way to write this would be:


Also, you probably know this, but just in case:  You can just do:

message Measurement {
 required string id = 1;
 optional MeasRec meas_rec = 2;

message MeasRec {
 optional int id = 1;

This way you don't have to manually encode the sub-message.

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