Since the client and server are remote, i am not sure how i can send
Descriptor along with message?

On Oct 27, 1:14 pm, Adam Vartanian <> wrote:
> > I need a generic parser in java, which can de-serialize PB bytes
> > buffer into a Message or GeneratedMessage. But, GeneratedMessage
> > provides no such method to merge an arbitary PB bytes and provide an
> > instance  of itself.
> From just a message's bytes you can't turn it into a Message.  The
> serialized format doesn't include type information.
> You've got a couple choices.  First, if you can send the message's
> Descriptor along with the message, then you can use
> DynamicMessage.parseFrom(Descriptor, byte[]) to deserialize it.  If
> you can't send the message's Descriptor along, then you can use
> UnknownFieldSet.parseFrom(byte[]), but that's not going to give you
> very much at all, just tag numbers, their wiretype, and their value.
> - Adam

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