I'm working on windows, some of my projects are dlls.
i need to add __declspec dllexport/dllimport symbol with the function or
variables to use the project as dll.
but when i use protoc generate the source for the proto file,  of course
they don't have the dllexport/dllimport symbol.
the problem is after build dll A(have a proto), when i build B link the
project A, i got some link error like this:
error LNK2019:  unresolved external symbol "void

because the function "void PB:protobuf_AddDesc_Point2df_2eproto(void)" in
dll A didn't export,
so the project B link faild.
anything help would be wonderful.

-----------------------------------------------the situation like
in DLL-A, have a proto like this:
package PB;

message Point2df
required float x = 1;
required float y = 2;

in DLL-B, have a proto like this;
package PB;
import "point.proto";
message Path
repeated Point2df points = 1;

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