I will look for the threads, Thank you.

I have a huge legacy in WCF/JSON and WCF/WsHttpBinding. I need to make
it work with Flex. I have already used Fluorine but I would like to
use protobuf now for my services.

I intend to use protobuf-net in the server and protobuf-actionscript3
in the client. This is the first time I use protobuf. I need an
example, specially in Flex. If I use in the server a WCF/protobuf-net
how could I call in ActionScript this service.

To be frank I still do not understand how to configure protobuf. How
do I define the endpoints in Flex using the URLRequest,
HttpService ???

Pavel and Marc, please, can you send some code so that I can test the
Flex and WCF.

Thanks in advance

On Nov 24, 9:16 am, Pavel Shramov <shra...@mexmat.net> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 02:54:58AM -0800, mvbaffa wrote:
> > Do you have any reference of a real example sending and receiving
> > information using, including HTTP protocol.
> Search mailing list for 'http'. It was discussed numerious times already.
> For example I'm using protobuf over http (with actionscript too).
> Nothing difficult, just set propert Content-Type and be happy
>                         Pavel

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