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Comment #6 on issue 243 by ken...@google.com: Improve mergeDelimitedFrom in the java Impl to setSizeLimit on the CodedInputStream

Ah, I see. You are talking about individual messages over 64MB... for some reason I thought you were talking about the case where a stream of messages is overall longer than 64MB... I am failing at reading comprehension today. (Or, yesterday, as it were.)

Well, the proper solution is not to use messages over 64MB. :) Really, the 64MB limit was chosen to be ridiculously high -- we recommend not letting messages get over 1MB. You should find a way to split your messages up, so that you can read and process smaller chunks at a time.

That said, I suppose we should have some way around this, so people can work around the problem temporarily until they can get the proper solution in place.

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