On Dec 3, 2010, at 14:21 , Koert Kuipers wrote:
public class ProtobufDeserializer<T extends Message> {
    public T fromByteBuffer(ByteBuffer byteBuffer) {

I don't *think* the generic type is going to be enough due to erasure, but I'm not a generics expert. I know something like the following works (I may be messing up the generics syntax since I'm not super familiar with it):

<T extends MessageLite> public T fromByteBuffer(ByteBuffer byteBuffer, T defaultInstance) {
  Builder b = defaultInstance.newBuilderForType();
  return b.build();

You can get defaultInstance from ConcreteMessageType.getDefaultInstance();

You may want to create a tiny InputStream wrapper around ByteBuffer to avoid an extra copy, or if you know it is a heap byte buffer, use the array mergeFrom().

Hope that helps,


Evan Jones

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