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Comment #2 on issue 179 by ken...@google.com: Visual C++ error C1091 when compiling protoc generated code with over 64k descriptor

This proves complicated to fix, because we have lots of code that passes around this blob as a pointer and a size. We'd have to update all that code to pass around a pointer to a more complex data structure which might contain multiple segments. Any fix would have to be used with all compilers, even ones which don't have this limitation.

Your example is a 10MB source file. I don't think we care to support 10MB source files. Realistically, if a file is so big that its descriptor is over 64k, the best solution may be to simply split up the file. If you are stuffing an excessive amount of information in custom options, it may be time to consider a different format for that information.

I'd like to see more demand before we put effort into fixing this.

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