I'm hooking in ProtoBuf (as well as Avro, and Thrift) into Hadoop MapReduce. In order for that to make sense, I need to be able to sort on the protobuf messages. Hadoop uses compare function over the bytes of two serialized objects. Obviously, I could just use a memcmp, but that will lead to a sort order that is hard to explain to users. This function should lead to the obvious sort order, which will be much easier to understand.

The rough idea is that I iterate over the fields sorted to be in id order and compare them based on their type. If a message is missing a field that has a default value, the default value is used.

The code is here:

It compiles and works in simple testing. I need to do more testing, but I thought I'd see if anyone here would be willing to take a look at my code for correctness and soundness.

-- Owen

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