Comment #29 on issue 188 by temporal: protobuf fails to link after compiling with LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" because of missing -lpthread


Believe me, if we didn't have to ask you to do this, we wouldn't. We get no profit from making it harder to contribute to our projects. Unfortunately, Google is bound by copyright law. For comparison, the Free Software Foundation has an even more onerous procedure that contributors must go through:

Projects which don't do this place themselves in a legally precarious position, and while small entities can get away with it, Google cannot. If you think it's ridiculous, please complain to whomever makes the laws in your jurisdiction, not us.

I'm sorry that this has taken so long to get fixed, but we haven't actually done a release in that time. Protocol buffers is a mature project in maintenance mode, so we just don't have enough churn -- or manpower -- to warrant more frequent releases. You are, of course, welcome to fork the project if you believe it is not being maintained well enough.

Redirect loops in Google sites are sometimes the result of inconsistent cookie state. Try filling out the form in an incognito window (if you use Chrome), or another browser, or try clearing your cookies. I suspect it will work then. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I definitely agree that filling out a paper form would be a pain for such a small change. That's why we have the web form. Sometimes software has bugs; I'm sorry you hit one of ours.

If you are not interested in trying again then we will have to reject this patch and probably leave the problem unfixed for now.

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