One of our customers is still using legacy Java 1.4 and therefore
could not use PB. For that we created an intermediate service that
receives text messages in plain JSON format then convert them into
generated PB objects.

In one object we have a field named "desc" of type "bytes" which will
hold a textual description of the arriving message. When the customer
wants to send English text for "desc" the value in JSON will be plain
readable English, but if non-ASCII is to be used, how the value in
JSON will look like? It look to me something like:

\0069\0062\006J\0062\006J\000 \006\'\006D\0069\006E\006J\006D\006\f
\000 \006D\006B\006/\000 \006\'\006F\006*\006G\006I\000

But I really don't know how to get this out of non-ASCII characters.

Can anyone help?

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