The 4 functions are (bodies omitted):

(1) void RepeatedPtrFieldBase::Reserve(int new_size) {}
(2) void RepeatedPtrFieldBase::Swap(RepeatedPtrFieldBase* other) {}
(3) string* StringTypeHandlerBase::New() {}
(4) void StringTypeHandlerBase::Delete(string* value) {}

Compiler error is:

repeated_field.CC", line 63: Error:  #302: function
"google::protobuf::internal::RepeatedPtrFieldBase::Swap" has already
been defined

Commenting them in .CC and making them inline .h calms the compiler,
but I totally didn't understand why it is thinking it has 2


//moved from to satisfy armv5
ERROR: for ARM only
repeated_field.CC", line 42: Error:  #302: function
"google::protobuf::internal::RepeatedPtrFieldBase::Reserve" has
already been defined
void RepeatedPtrFieldBase::Reserve(int new_size) {
  if (total_size_ >= new_size) return;

  void** old_elements = elements_;
  total_size_ = max(total_size_ * 2, new_size);
  elements_ = new void*[total_size_];
  memcpy(elements_, old_elements, allocated_size_ *
  if (old_elements != initial_space_) {
    delete [] old_elements;

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