On 9 Feb 2011, at 03:12, Diwaker Gupta wrote:

> I'm trying to write a protoc plugin and struggling with a fairly basic task: 
> determining the name of the file to generate the output in.  In the 
> 'Generate' method, is there an easy way to determine the output file name 
> from the FileDescriptor object? In particular, for Java output, the protoc 
> compiler already has the logic to figure out the output file name given the 
> various options for package, outer class name, camel casing etc etc. It seems 
> redundant to replicate that logic in the plugin. Unless I misread the docs, 
> the current FileDescriptor API doesn't provide this information.
> If there are some fleshed out examples the community would like to share, I'd 
> really appreciate that.
> Diwaker

Well seeing as the filenames can change depending on the language and multiple 
files could possibly be generated I believe this is up to you to figure out. I 
wrote a plugin a while back for generating C code and I write output to 
original_file.proto.c and original_file.proto.h. FileDescriptor could not 
possibly give me that information.

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