Seems an odd use case to capture a constant in a proto file...  but my
suggestion would be to extend FileOptions or MessageOptions and
provide options that hold your constant values.

On Feb 14, 12:15 pm, maxw <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I didn't find crystal-clear confirmation in the documentation, but it
> looks like enum values are considered _signed_ 32-bit integers.  When
> I try to assign 4294967295 to an enum value in a .proto file, protoc
> complains.  Is there any way to have unsigned 32-bit integer
> constants?
> I did find on this forum a suggestion ("Issue 60"), which basically
> declares a "Constants" message, with fields that have default values -
> those default values can then be retrieved.  This does work, and also
> has the benefit of allowing more types of constants (than just 32-bit
> integers).
> The dilemma that I'm facing is what should be the guideline to choose
> between enum and this default value trick?  Would it be considered
> "bad form" to mix both styles?
> Thank you!

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