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New issue 265 by ravikumarkulandai: The import is supported only if the imported proto’s package is a subset of the importing proto’s package

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create a proto file (SuperProtoA) in package A.B.C with messages SuperA
2. Create a proto file (SubProtoB) in package A.B.D. This protofile should import SuperProtoA from A.B.C and use type SuperA 3. If "SubProtoB" is compiled then it does not compile. It says can not find type SuperA. 4. Instead if i modify package of SubProtoB to A.B.C.D or any subpackage of A.B.C then proto file gets compiled.

Following are the env details.
Windows xp, using --java_out, protobuff version 2.4.0

Is this the bug/limitation or it is the feature intended?

I think this is a obvious functionality required in a multitiered framework or when organization uses the proto file defined by other organization.

ravikumar K

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